Stokes Aitken – President

Stokes has been the Chief Operations Officer for Praesum Healthcare and Sunrise Detox for over 10 years. His dedication to this industry has fueled his commitment to the mission of Sunrise Cares. As the President of Sunrise Cares, he drives the organization to create fundraising opportunities. By developing business relationships and using his knowledge of the industry, he is able to provide insight and guidance regarding the most effective way to support our cause.

Angela Celey – Committee Chair

Angela has been the Committee Chair of Sunrise Cares since its conception in 2015. She knows firsthand the havoc that addiction and mental illness can have on an individual and their family. With this knowledge, she is eager to make a difference by lending her time and resources to Sunrise Cares with the hope of spreading the message of prevention, education, and healing to all those in need.  As Committee Chair, Angela is responsible for organizing all Sunrise Cares fundraising and developing benefactor relationships.

Margo Seger – Committee Member

Margo is a determined Senior at The Benjamin School. She volunteers her time helping children with physical and mental disabilities reach their Olympic dreams with The Special Olympics of South Florida. Deeply affected by the suicide of a close family friend, Margo is committed to volunteering her time with the efforts of Sunrise Cares and to play an active role in the success of mental health and suicide prevention programs.

Thea Celey – Committee Member

Thea is a Senior at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts where she studies musical theater. She considers herself to be very blessed and strives to pay it forward. She has committed herself to community service by raising money for Broadway Cares, building homes for the underprivileged in Costa Rica and participating in the mission of Sunrise Cares. Sympathetic to the disease of addiction and mental illness, Thea hopes that by creating awareness and promoting education she can help more people choose to seek help and recover. This is her third year as part of the Sunrise Cares Charity Golf Classic and she looks forward to continuing to participate in such an inspiring event.

Annelise Ross – Committee Member

Annelise Ross lives in North Palm Beach, Florida. She is a Senior and an honors student at Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches, where she will graduate in 2019. At Oxbridge, Annelise participates in several different clubs, including Habitat for Humanity Club, Feeding America Club, and Cancer Awareness Club. She is also a serious dancer, having trained with companies such as Ballet of Palm Beach and intensives such as Brant Lake Dance Camp.

Annelise began participating in Sunrise Cares in 2016. She introduced a new sector to the organization, focusing on Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. She understood through personal experience that these debilitating diseases could cause serious mental health problems. Very few organizations for Crohn’s and Colitis have addressed these issues. Sunrise Cares allowed for a platform to inform people of the mental health issues that are associated with these illnesses.

Aidan Aitken – Committee Member

Aidan Aitken is a Sophmore at The King’s Academy. He is an elite athlete, with lacrosse being his primary sport, he is currently on the basketball team, loves surfing and skiing. His love for sports has long been a driving force in his life. He is committed to giving back to his community by sharing his love for sports with younger children and recreational groups such as JTAA. He volunteers his time coaching at after-school programs at TKA, St. Marks, and Place of Hope.

Aidan began volunteering for Sunrise Cares at their inaugural event in 2014, and then became a committee member in 2017. He has seen first hand the devastating effects of mental illness when a loved one developed an eating disorder. He has also seen the miracle of recovery with early intervention and accessible treatment. Sunrise Cares mission is close to Aidan’s heart and he is grateful to help bring awareness to our local community.